Tourist Complex Sv. Naum


The monastery complex of St. Archangel Michael - St. Naum is built on a high steep bank with a beautiful view of the lake. To the east of the monastery, in its immediate vicinity, the abundant rocky springs are widely spread. The impressive view of the clear and cold waters flowing into the Ohrid Lake create a very picturesque place that is rich in flora and fauna, with numerous relicts and endemic species. Many underwater and surface springs provide clear, transparent and cold water throughout the whole year. The surface colors of underwater rocks that change or overlap from gray or black to brown, yellow-green, green, blue-green, reddish-purple or purple, come from different types of algae, which like soft overlays or calcified crusts completely cover the stones. The rocky stream at the monastery of St. Naum with its immediate surroundings stands out for its unique blend of natural and cultural values ​​and exceptional natural beauty, making it one of the most important tourist destinations in Macedonia and beyond.

Map with location